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Who is a Muslim ?
Any person, anywhere in the world, who submits himself or herself to the will of the One True God and organizes his/her life according to the teaching of the last Prophet of God, is a Muslim, i.e., one who practices Islam.


The Name Muslim
Muslim is a name given to any person who practices islam. It is mentioned in the Final Revelation of God ,the Holy Qur'an:
" ... It is He Who has named you Muslims, both before and in this [ revelation ]; ...[ 22:78 ]
" Abraham was neither a Jew nor a Christian, but he was a strict Muslim. " [ 3:67 ]

All Creatures Are Muslims

Submission can be recognized at two (2) levels:

1. Compulsory submission

It is where there is no question of freedom of choice. All creations ( the sun, moon, ocean, plants,animals and etc.) submit to the laws devised by God in nature. So they are all Muslims. A stone thrown up in the air,for example, cannot choose to remain
up, or come down after a little more time. Even those persons who deny the existence of God submit to the laws set by God in the biological system have no choice to go against the laws set by God. So, at this level are also Muslims.

2. Freedom To Choose

Freedom in choosing to do or not to do something in some aspects of life [ like moral laws, obedience to the commands of
God ], which is enjoyed by the humans. If a person chooses to obey God's laws in her/his daily life, it will be a " willing "
or " concious " or " voluntarily submission. " With a harmony in this universe and will be at Peace.
So, we could say that Islam is a natural way of life ,or it is the religion of nature.

The Holy Qur'an says:
" Do they seek for other than the religion of God ?
while all creatures in the heavens and on earth have, willing or unwilling, bowed to His will ( being a Muslim)
and to Him shall they all be brought back. " [ 3:83 ]

3. Children Are Muslims Too

In Islamic concept every child, born in a non-Muslim or Atheist family, is a Muslim. Till it reaches the age of discreation [ to be able to choose between the right and the wrong path] it is in a state of compulsory submission. So they are Muslims;
if they dies, they will go to Paradise. It will not be held accountable for its deeds.
Prophet Muhammad (SAW) says:

" The pen records not the deeds of three: of the child until he becomes a youth, of the unconcious until he awakes, and of the insane until he regains sanity. "
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