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1-OM or AUM: "That Who Art", used frequently in prayer, as a mystical contemplation of the ultimate reality.

2- Swastika: Surrounded by the Wheel of Life. Symbol of good luck; It is also the symbol of Jainism.

3- The Wheel of Sri (of life): 9 triangles to 9 deities; from the elusive center the cosmos expands. Surrounded by the Wheel of Life, and the Sanctuary with the 4 doors to the universe.

4- The different gods are the main symbols.

5- The Linga and Yoni:

It is one of the most common objects of worship, weather in the temple or in the household cult: The erect male organ, rising from the female counterpart, the Yoni, as the base. The god Shiva is shown with a big linga.


- Prehistoric Hinduism dates from 3000 BC, as Animism. In 1500 BC the Arians from Persia invade India and brought the "Vedas", at the same time that Moses was in Egypt.

-The name "Hindus" is the way the Persians called the people living around the Hindus river.

- There are now 779 million Hindus. 700 live in India, with 92 Muslims, 20 Christians, 16 Sikhs, 6 Buddhists, and 4 Jains. Nepal, with 89% of the population, is the only nation where Hinduism is the state religion. In Figi 41%. In Mauritius 50%; Trinidad 25%; Sri Lanka 15%; Bangladesh 11%; and in the United States about 2 million, with others influenced by TM, Hare Krishnas...

The organization, varies in nature from region to region. There is no official creed, no structural church, no world authority nor organization... they have produce an enormous variety of religious systems, beliefs and practices... in India religion permeates every aspect of the individual and social life, with one the most ritualistic systems of religion, though Hindu worship is primarily at home, and their beautiful temples are not for weekly congregational services; they may have 2 or 3 services a year. They are there to remind people that the gods live and are to be served.


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